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QST6000_ V1.03.01

LT-Q6000 Firmware Version History
LT-Q6000 firmware v1.03.01
Release date: 2019/08/21
  Fixed GPS Week number Rollover issue
LT-Q6000 firmware v1.03.00
Release date: 2019/05/08
  Solved the GPS Week number Rollover issue
Q6000 firmware v1.02.36
Release date: 2016-01-08
  Bug fix:
Some bugs fixed
Q6000 firmware v1.02.29
Release date: 2015-07-21
  New Feature:
Add Time zone setting with not whole hour options
  Bug fix:
Some bugs fixed
Q6000 firmware v1.02.23
Release date: 2014-10-31
  Bug fix:
1. Some bugs fixed
2. Some display update
Q6000 firmware v1.02.16
Release date: 2013-07-19
  New Features:
1. Add “Predictive Lap Timing” in the Compare options
2. Add “Demo mode” in Setting for device quick-learning
3. Add smart Initial setting for the First Use of device start-up
1. Disable Power button’s back function when running on GPS Logger mode
2. Enter the Application mode’s Speedometer, GPS Status, or GPS Cold Start when GPS engine setting off, then System will automatically turn on GPS engine.
Q6000 firmware v1.01.00
Release date: 2012-08-07
  New Features:
Support smarty Auto Start as unique start trigger
2. Define Drag Race / Circuit Race under 10Hz log frequency
3. Enhance Compare options ( Best Lap or Last Lap)
4. Add to create and race on Open Track of Circuit Race mode
5. Add beeper notice while creating Splits
6. Add speed checking function on Drag Race mode
7. Add Field Option function on Drag Race / Circuit Race running display
  Bugs Fix:
Fix height information bug

Q6000 firmware v1.00.08
Release date:
  New Features:
1. Improve Drag Race / Circuit Race running display
2. Improve GPS Logger running display
3. Support multi-language interface (English / Trad. Chinese / Japanese)
4. Change start trigger by G-sensor as default setting in Drag Race / Circuit Race
Q6000 firmware v1.00.07
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:
Fix GPS Logger height disappeared bug
Q6000 firmware v1.00.06
Release date:
  New Features:
1. Improve the accuracy of G-sensor
2. Updated display of export function from Spreadsheet(CSV) to MS Excel(CSV)
  Bugs Fix:
1. Fix Speed error in GPS Logger & Speedometer in imperial format
2. Fix Drag Race by Distance setting error message display
3. Fix export to GPX format to show in Google earth correctly
Q6000 firmware v1.00.05
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:
1. Fix Lat/ Lon format transfer error under some conditions 
2. Fix export to CSV format error


Q6000 firmware v1.00.04
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:
Fix GPS output error under some conditions
Q6000 firmware v1.00.01
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:
1. Fix Circuit Race/Create Track error
2. Fix GPS Logger display refresh error
Q6000 firmware v1.00.00
Release date
  Official Release Version