FAQ > BL-1000GT
Q1 How do I start recording race data?
a. Please go to the AppStore to download and complete the installation of the QRacing App on your iPhone (iOS 11.0 or above, iPhone 5S or newer).
b. Open the BL-1000GT and make a note of the device serial number listed on the warranty card, and confirm that your iPhone's Bluetooth is on and remains connected to the network.
c. For the first time, please open the QRacing App and sign up for the Qstarz free account.
d. Open QRacing APP and log in to your account. Search for BL-1000GT by QRacing APP>Settings>GPS Device>Add GPS Device. After finding your device serial number in the search list, click “OK” to complete the binding.
e. Please install the device and mobile phone in your car or motorbike properly (please refer to the Quick Start Guide for the installation)
f. After ensuring that the device is GPS fixed (in an outdoor open sky environment), the green LED on the BL-1000GT will remain steady on after GPS fixed, and the QRacing App can be ready to record and analyze your race.
Q2 Can my BL-1000GT be bundled with another iPhone?
A2 BL-1000GT is used to bind the QRacing App on your iPhone with your registered "account". One device is limited to bind one account. To bind this device to different account of another iPhone, you need to unbind from the original logged-in account.
Q3 What Apps can the BL-1000GT support?
A3 Qstarz exclusively develops two APP applications - QRacing APP and Qstarz BLE GPS View APP. QRacing is the BL-1000GT’s exclusive racing analysis App (supports iOS). Qstarz BLE GPS View is the utility tool App (supports iOS/Android), which can view GPS related information after connecting Qstarz BLE device. For the third-party racing app, the BL-1000GT currently supports Harry’s Lap Timer and RaceChrono.
Q4 I’m having some problems on operating the QRacing APP?
A4 Please refer to the Qstarz website’s QRacing APP FAQ(http://racing.qstarz.com/Products/FAQ_QRacing-APP.html) for related questions.
Q5 What is the difference between QRacing App and QRacing PC software?
A5 The QRacing App is a mobile app. To record the track data with the BL-1000GT, you must Bluetooth connect with phone and open the QRacing App to record; then you can real time compare and analyze your race performance. After racing, you can connect your device to the QRacing PC software via USB cable (supporting Windows OS 7 or above), and you can analyze your racing records in detail and graphic chart. (For the first time use of QRacing PC software, please first enter the software key to read logged data. The software key is located on the Qstarz Warranty card).
Q6 How do I update the firmware of my BL-1000GT device?
a. Before proceeding updates, please make sure the device is power off. Connect device to your computer with a Micro USB cable, and make sure that the battery is installed and has more than 40% battery life.
b. Open the file ” Download Index_BL-1000GT.HTML “ in the device memory, or go to the Qstarz official website(http://racing.qstarz.com/Download.html) to download the latest firmware.
c. After opening the file manager, copy the firmware file FW.QST to the root directory of the device’s memory card. After the copy is completed, right click on the file manager icon and select Exit. The computer will be shown the message "You can safely remove the hardware".
d. After removing the micro USB cable, the device will automatically perform the firmware update. The firmware update process takes about 1~2 minutes. Do not operate the device during this process to avoid the device update failure. The middle three LED lights will flash in turn. After the update is completed, the device will automatically shut down after two beeps, which means the update is completed.
Q7 How to install the device correctly?
A7 The satellite antenna is under the Qstarz trademark on the front of the BL-1000GT device. In order to receive the best GPS reception, please keep device position in front up, and make sure no metal or other coverings that will affect the reception.
Q8 What should I pay attention to when reading logged data?
A8 The device must be turned off first to read data.
Q9 What’s the continuous long beep means after the device is turned on?
A9 If the device makes the continuous long beep after powering on, it means the memory card is abnormal during the startup of the device. Please open the rubber cover at the bottom of the device to check if your Micro SD card is installed incorrectly. Please re-plug the Micro SD card and install it properly, then restart it to confirm whether to eliminate the continuous long beep problem. If the problem is remained, it might be memory card problem. It is recommended to use the utility program to perform FAT32 formatting on the memory card. **Please note that this action will erase all data on the memory card.
Q10 My battery is damaged. How do I purchase a new replacement battery?
A10 You can purchase a lithium-ion battery that is compatible with the Nokia BL-5C size specification.
Q11 My BL-1000GT is not working, how can I get it back to normal operation?
A11 Please remove the battery from the battery compartment for about 1 minute, and then re-load the battery and power on to make GPS fixed again. Or you can open the rubber cover at the bottom of the device and find a reset button next to the USB jack. Press the reset button through the paper clip to perform the hardware reset (forced shutdown). **Please note that the forced shutdown might result in the loss of the recorded data. Please operate it carefully.