FAQ > LT-6000S[GNSS]
Q1 Important Notice on product use and battery charging.
A1 When the battery voltage is low, the performance of the device may be affected. Please note that remained battery power should not be below 30%, and it’s recommended to fully charge battery before use. No power, low power or over-charged power is bad for the battery, and it will damage the battery life in the long run. The best way is to keep the battery power between 30% and 90%, and well charging and discharging to maintain battery health.
Q2 Why product battery life is shortened?
A2 Rechargeable Li-Ion/Polymer batteries have a limited lifecycle and will gradually degrade their chargeability. Battery capacity loss (aging) is irreversible. The battery is consumables and may self-reduce power slowly when not in use or in storage. Please check your device’s battery status regularly.
Q3 How can I set the clock time (Time Zone)?
A3 Please go to Setting and select your time zone, you may refer on the link below to find your local time zone:
http://www.qstarz.com/download/World Time Zone Table -ss.pdf
Q4 What’s Daylight Saving? Should I turn it On or OFF?
A4 Daylight Saving Time (or summer time as it is called in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer, if your country doesn’t use Daylight saving time, you won’t need to turn it on.
Q5 Is it possible to change Session Name?
A5 Session Name is created automatically by device base on YYMMDDXX format, and it could not be renamed.
Q6 When I cross the Start/Finish and Splits line, the device doesn’t show the lap/splits time?
A6 1. Make sure to driving slowly (at least 30 kmh) and press button when you are on the spot that you want to mark as Start/Finish line.
2. Make sure Beacon width isn’t too narrow comparing with the track width.
Q7 What’s the difference between Load User Track and Load Shared Track in Circuit Race mode?
A7 Load User Track: Load the track you have created in LT-Q6000.
Load Share Track: Load the track you have uploaded through QRacing software.

Q8 What’s the difference between 10Hz/5Hz/1Hz?
A8 10Hz means log 10 times per second, thus the log data will be more precise than 5Hz/1Hz.
Q9 What is G-sensor Threshold in the Setting? And what’s the significance of 0.1~0.5?
A9 You can adjust G-sensor’s sensitivity in Setting by G-sensor Threshold 0.1~0.5.
The bigger G-sensor Threshold value, the lower sensitivity is. (0.1 means high sensitivity, 0.5 means low sensitivity)
Q10 My LT-6000S could not get the GPS signal, what’s the problem?
A10 1. Although the LT-6000S will normally pick up a satellite signal within 1-2 minutes after powering on the device, it may take longer time if you are in an area with more geographic obstructions. Please make sure you have placed it in a position that has clear view to the sky and not obstructed by metal objects. 2.  Please try to use cold start your LT-6000S in GPS mode and search again for the GPS satellite.

Q11 How can I delete my log data?
A11 You can delete log data from device History/Menu/Delete.
Q12 What’s the function of POI in GPS logger?
A12 You can press POI (Point of Interest) to store a check point or favorite location, and the device will mark the POI on your track.
Q13 Will I lose my data when I press Factory Reset in the Setting?
A13 No, Factory Reset will only reset all the setting to factory default; it won't delete any log data.
Q14 How can I extend LT-6000S’s battery life?
A14 You can set the Brightness to “Low” and Power Saving to “On” in Setting to increase the battery life.
Q15 My LT-6000S hangs up. How can I make get it back to normal status?
A15 You can find the Reset button beside USB connector, a small hole which can be pressed by pen tip or pin to reset your device. (Hard reset will shut down the device without erasing the memory data.)
Q16 Once I skip the tip how to enable it again?
A16 Go to 6000S >> Setting >> Tip, set Tip to OFF and then set Tip to ON again.
Q17 Why my memory status is always showing 0%?
A17 LT-6000S is built-in 4GB flash memory, so if the used memory is less than 20MB the memory status will show 0%.
Q18 How to upgrade the firmware?
A18 Please follow the steps below to upgrade firmware: Step1. Turn OFF the device and connected to the USB port of the computer. LT-6000S will enter into USB ACCESS MODE automatically. Step2. Extract the downloaded firmware file 6000S.qst under the root directory of the LT-6000S memory card. Step3. Unplug the USB cable. Step4. Press and hold the OK button first then the POWER button and hold these two buttons until the “CHECK FILE” screen prompt and will start updating the firmware. Once the firmware update process is completed, the unit will restart automatically. Step5. Check the unit’s current version at Setting Mode >> About
Q19 How can I check the firmware version on my device?
A19 On the LT-6000S main menu, Go to Setting >> About >> FW Version
Q20 Why device cannot detect my track automatically in Circuit mode?
A20 If the device display No Tracks detected means the track is currently not in the database or the device is not connected with GPS, please check satellite status.
Q21 How long is the battery life ?
A21 Normally the battery life is around 8~10 hours of usage, however under weak gps signals environment or by adjusting the backlight setting will also affect battery life.
Q22 How can I install 6000S’s optional accessory GPS External Antenna?
A22 Please see below PDF file of installation guide.
How to install GPS External Antenna for LT-6000S_en.pdf