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Q1 I lost my software product key. How can I apply for a new one?
A1 Please register in QRacing web and get the QRacing PC key. Your key will save in your account. You will not lose it anytime. You can refer from below link.
Q2 My tracks seem to be on wrong position where I have never been. And there are straight lines across the map. Why?
A2 When GPS is situated in low speed or not moving at all, the GPS position will drift including speed and altitude. This is because the born limitations of GPS design. Every GPS chipset in the market all have this phenomenon.
Q3 How can I see the analysis of the horsepower of the car?
A3 Car horsepower analysis only supports straight-line acceleration test (1/4 mile), other test conditions cannot analyze horsepower data.
Q4 Is QRacing also applicable to other devices?
A4 QRacing currently only supports LT-Q6000, LT-6000S, LT-6000S[GNSS] and BT-Q1000eX, BL-1000GT products.
Q5 When read data, the software keeps running out "FAILED TO WRITE DATA INTO GPS MODULE" error message. What should I do?
A5 Please reset the device with the software and try it out. If this error message still appears, it may be a problem with the device.
Q6 My track map does not appear after downloading the log data?
A6 Please try to update the track map database in the menu [Help] [Update Track Maps].
If it still doesn't appear, please export the track in .rcnx format and send it to info@qstarz.com, and we will make a base map of the track for you.
Q7 How to print track analysis information?
A7 You can select Export Track Analysis Information> Save as .html in the lower right corner of the track analysis page or choose Tools> Screenshot—Color Reversal to print your track information.
Q8 Is there a driver that supports Windows 8 and 10?
A8 For Windows 8 and 10 driver related information, please download from the following URL: (LT-6000 series products, BL-1000GT do not need the driver) http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/ScopedViewRedirect.aspx?updateid=12fdd93f-4d92-4ffe-ab73-b3653f3e828b
Q9 How should I do if the software can not detect the device?
A9 For LT-6000 series products and BL-1000GT, please turn off the power and connect it to the computer, and turn on the BT-Q1000eX and connect it to the computer.
Q10 After reading the log, how should I do if there is no best lap in the official session?
A10 On the main page, click on the lower left corner to [change track], The dialog for selecting a track appears and choose the official track again or [Beacon] in the menu, choose to [recover official beacon].
Q11 How to edit the beacon of data log?
A11 Change the category of the data log to the analysis category, you can in beacon page to set the beacons to get the lap time.
Q12 How to edit the heading of the beacons?
A12 In the beacon page, move the mouse to the beacon to be modified, click the left mouse button, and select the adjust heading to modify the beacon heading.
Q13 Why does PC QRacing need to log in?
A13 After registering and logging in to QRacing Web, the product key of the software will be automatically back up in QRacing Web. In the future, you can find your product key when you change your computer and reinstall it.
Q14 What are the benefits of PC QRacing logging into QRacing Web for me?
A14 After logging in to QRacing Web, in addition to back up your product key, you can also upload your important sessions to QRacing Web. You can join the QRacing Web rankings and browse the uploaded sessions on QRacing Web. You can also download QRacing App to synchronize the uploaded sessions to your mobile phone for easy browsing anytime, anywhere.
Q15 What should I do if there is no internet in the track?
A15 If there is no network to log in when PC QRacing is started, you can directly press Cancel and use it directly. PC QRacing has 5 chances to use it without logging in. After you return to a place with internet to log in, there will be another 5 chances to use it without logging in. In other words, you just need to log in once every 5 times you open the software at least.
Q16 Why do I have to log in again every time I turn on PC QRacing?
A16 Although PC QRacing is designed to log out manually, due to security considerations, if you are using a public computer, you may forget to log out or be searched for your account password that you have logged in. Therefore, just close it every time or use it without internet, the software will automatically log out of your account. If you want the software to automatically record your account and password for you, and automatically log in when you open it, you are welcome to share your suggestions with us through the FAE mailbox.( Info@Qstarz.com )
Q17 Why can't I upload some sessions in PC QRacing?
A17 At present, PC QRacing supports the uploading session function of drag and circuit set by QSTARZ official beacons. As long as you see the lap time on PC QRacing, you can upload them. Attention to the lap time of circuit. No matter how you flexibly set the beacon set on PC QRacing, the beacon set by QSTARZ will be applied for analysis and ranking when uploading, Using the same beacon set will help the fairness of the rankings without affecting the analysis settings you want to perform on PC QRacing,Is this design very considerate~~
Q18 Why is the lap time of the session I uploaded on QRacing Web different from that on PC QRacing?
A18 The sessions you uploaded will be added to the ranking. For the fairness of the ranking, all sessions uploaded from PC QRacing will apply the official beacon set by QSTARZ to calculate the lap time.
Q19 How should the newly set beacon be exported to the LT-Q6000S device?
A19 After setting the new beacons, in the menu [Beacon], select [export track to device] will save the beacons to the LT-6000S.
Q20 How to change the settings of the LT-6000S device through QRacing?
A20 At this stage, the QRacing software only supports the analysis of log data and can not change the basic settings of the LT-6000S device.
Q21 In addition to deleting all data of device, the "device reset" function of QRacing software will change settings, etc.?
A21 "Device reset" will delete all data in the GPS, but will not delete the settings.