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QRacing V3.99.830 Installer

QRacing Software version History
QRacing V3.99.830
Release date:
  1. (New) Add a new category, and download the session records in your QWS account to this category
  2. (New) Support exporting VBO files
QRacing V3.99.821
Release date:
  1. Supports connecting LT-8000GT via Wi-Fi to operate the following functions (AP version 0.03.60or newer is required)
    ● Download Drag and Circuit sessions
    ● Update official tracks / Upload user defined tracks
    ● Update firmware / Update AGPS
  2. Trace page does not show the track map as default after first time installation
  3. Save Font size settings
  4. Corrected the adjustment of font size under different screen aspect ratios
  5. Fixed crash issue on changing the installation path during installing software under Windows 11
  6. Fix some bugs
QRacing V3.99.810
Release date:
  1. (New) Add Font zoom in/out function in Record list
  2. (New) Add to show distance and time info between the two points when marking two points on the track of Trace page
  3. (New) Add the function of Distance/Time switch of the X axis and Speed Smooth on the chart on of Trace page
  4. (New) Add to move waypoints using the left/right keys on the keyboard during playback the track on the Trace page
  5. (New) Add Edit Session’s fine-tuning function on the Beacon page
  6. (New) Provide the user tracks created by QRacing App can download to QRacing PC software, and export them to 8000GT or 6000S series device
  7. Fix some bugs
QRacing V3.99.800
Release date:
  1. Added advanced analysis options on the trace page
  2. Improve software computing performance
  3. Fix some bugs
QRacing V3.99.700
Release date:
  1. Remove the restriction of not capable of using without logging-in for five times
  2. Support Y-axis scale setting on the chart of Trace page
  3. Add connected device’s name setting (for Model: LT-Q6000, LT-6000S, LT-6000S[GNSS], LT-8000GT, BL-1000GT)
  4. Modify the position of the play button on trace page
  5. Enhance the function of Update device firmware and Track map
  6. Enhance the Read log dialog
  7. Enhance the Trace playback function
QRacing V3.99.600
Release date:
  1. Support to select multiple sessions uploading to QWSlay
  2. Add multi-conditional lap analysis and 0-Speed-0 analysis for Drag records
  3. Add automatic recognition to adopt track map when reading or importing the Circuit sessions
  4. Add setting the Minimum Lap Time to automatically ignore lap for Circuit sessions
  5. Add area size adjustment on the Trace page
  6. Optimize the interface of the Trace page
  7. Cut Session
  8. Support LT-8000GT
  9. Fix some bugs
QRacing V3.99.500
Release date:
  1. 【New】Trace page supports multi-charts display
  2. 【New】Right click the “SECTOR” table to enable “Play from Here” function
  3. 【New】Support imported session by dragging rcnx file into QRacing
  4. 【Modify】Auto download and save the updated firmware to device memory(for LT-Q6000 / LT-6000S / LT-6000S[GNSS] )
QRacing V3.99.400
Release date:
  1. 【New】Need to login QW account to use PC QRacing. After 5 times without login the software will automatically close.
  2. 【New】Edit the official track for offline analysis.
  3. 【New】User track can apply track map if the same location as official track.
  4. 【New】Edit item(analyzed) info.
QRacing V3.99.300
Release date:
  1. 【New】 Add Racer for edit or revise/increase information.
  2. 【New】 Add Racer QWS accounts for searching the track.
  3. 【New】 Display the software version on program title.
  4. 【Fixed】 Corrected the unit of measure problem.
  5. 【Fixed】 Check duplicate sessions mechanism.
QRacing V3.99.200
Release date:
  1. 【New】 Switch absolute time and time difference on trace page.
  2. 【New】 Shows X /Y force on G-force meter when trace playing.
  3. 【New】 Show / Hidden the ignore laps in Analysis page.
  4. 【New】 Move the zoom in/out buttons to trace / chart area.
  5. 【Fixed】 Fixed the error on device reading record in some cases(For BL-1000GT, LT-Q6000, and LT-6000S series).
  6. 【Fixed】 Apply software setting to show the Unit and Coordination in Circuit / Logger sessions.
QRacing V3.99.100
Release date:
  1. 【New】Add NOTE for the session(s).
  2. 【New】Added the direction of beacons.
  3. 【Fixed】AGPS update function.
  4. 【Fixed】Fixed some bugs on the analysis page.
  5. 【Fixed】Fixed the clean log function for BT-Q1000eX.
  6. 【Fixed】Fixed the results of “Best Theoretical Time” and “Best Rolling Time”.
  7. 【Modify】Exported GPX format.
QRacing V3.99.000
Release date:
  ● Update new database format to increase access performance
● Optimized command words make the definition more clear than before
● Modify the “Data Log” type analysis specification
● Supports Circuit Racing session apply Official Track / Official Track (History) / User track to analyze
● Change to new session export format as .rcnx
● Supports uploading to QWS to view in QRacing Web

* Uploading session function now ONLY supports Drag Racing sessions and Circuit Racing which applied by QRcing official track.
* MUST login QRacing Web Service account for uploading sessions.
QRacing V3.98.400
Release date:
  ● Fixed default language setting
● Fixed edit and apply beacon set
● Fixed session comparison
● Improved edit beacon set operation
● Fixed Rally roadbook display
QRacing V3.98.300
Release date:
  ● Fix the setting comparison record
● Fix the record in applying on the specific tracks
● Fix the record when the tracks changed
● Fix the reading issue on 1000eX
● Adjust the template on the recording list
QRacing V3.98.200
Release date:
  ● Support the track updated separately.
● Tracks names support local-languages.
● Down size the Installation file.
● Maximum speed displays on the session list.
● Upgrade the track- mode on the Session replay.
● Updated user manual 3.98.200.
● Improve the efficiency of the software.
QRacing V3.98.100
Release date:
  ● Database reorganization
● Add the visible window on full track map view and zoom in and out functions on analysis page
● Import RCN including the owner’s name
● Improve the efficiency of the software
QRacing V3.98
Release date:
  ● Modify the run time error occur crash issue
● Update the analyzed result immediately after saving or importing sessions
● Fix the result problem in analysis page
● Improve the software performance
● Fixed the error
QRacing V3.97
Release date:
  ● Modify the track process and provide pre-selected track of menu
● Updated the color on the analysis page
● Updated the color on the comparison track page
● Fixed the error
QRacing V3.96
Release date:
  ● Adjust AGPS update procedure in accordance with GPS chip
● Optimize user experience
● Optimize program performance
● Fixed some bugs
QRacing V3.95
Release date:
  ● Improve text messages
● Enhance update process
● Enhance Analysis table viewing
● Some bugs fixed
QRacing V3.94
Release date:
  ● Adds message for track filtering, to prompt filtering detail on reading logs
● Adjust Option list to add Video option to the list
● Some bugs fixed
QRacing V3.93
Release date:
  ● Support BL-1000GT device
● Add pop up hint for Adjust Track Map
● Add mark for Ignore laps
● Some bugs fixed
QRacing V3.91
Release date:
  ● Added Change Track map function, that user can preview track map and update to
   correct one
● Improved UI in Beacon section
● Added 2x speed playback on Track Replay function
● Updated Japanese String
● Some bugs fixes
QRacing V3.90
Release date:
  ● Allow users to modify their own race type’s name in Circuit Race
● Add a solid triangle to show the direction of the track when playing the track
● Allow users to change the Replay font size in Track section
● Show the Trackmap version in QRacing >> About
● Users will be notify to send back the RCN track data when the track map is not found
● Some Bugs fixed
QRacing V3.80
Release date:
  ● Add News Push Notification function
● Add speed bar display in Track page
● Add fastest and slowest speed difference line on the time-based graph
● Record the product key and email address in the Input product key window
● Fixed some bugs
QRacing V3.72
Release date:
  ● Support 6000S [GNSS] device
● Enhanced software auto-update features, and improved user experience
● Bugs fixed
QRacing V3.70
Release date:
  ● Update Japanese display language
● Add Session Start/Finish mark on Beacon Section
● Auto mark Start/Finish beacon when importing track data into Data Log category
● Add new QRacing trackmap
● Fixed some bugs
QRacing V3.60
Release date:
  ● LT-6000S track datatbase auto update
● Auto update QRacing software and Q6000/6000S firmware
● QRacing Trackmap update – 10 new trackmap
● Add Czech display language
● Improve software User Interface
● Fixed some bugs
QRacing V3.50
Release date:
  ● Support LT-6000S device
● Support Rally’s Roadbook for LT-6000S
● Improve software UI design
  Bugs Fix:  
  ● Fix program crash when importing large RCN file  
QRacing V3.4
Release date:
  1. Data Search section:
    ● Add User/Note tips beside the Search box
    ● The latest data will be display on the top of the track list
2. Add distance info when playing track
3. When downloading tracks, will skip the track once it has been downloaded
4. Add show Only marked tracks when using Comparison feature
5. Strengthening My favorite features:
    ● When marking Star sign for the track, user can customize a directory name and
         store to My favorites.
    ● When unmarking Star sign for the track, it will be removed from My favorite folder.
6. Support daylight saving
7. Add millisecond info into Exported GPX files
QRacing V3.3.3
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:  
  Fixed Run time error message problem.  
  Fixed Program crash problem.  
QRacing V3.3.2
Release date:
  1. Enhance the workspace backup structure
2. Track map database update
  Bugs Fix:  
  Fixed export rcn file issue  
QRacing V3.3.1
Release date:
  1. Track playback’s speed is adjustable between 1, 1/2 and 1/4
2. Track’s field name is editable on the track list
3. Enhance the Workspace structure
  Bugs Fix:  
  Fix coordinate angle error when importing beacon BIN files  
QRacing V3.3
Release date:

1. Built-in Track Map database and auto detecting and displaying Track Map
2. Support multiple Track Maps for the same Race Circuit
3. Manage multiple Beacon Set under the same Track Map and able to analyze your race by different beacon set
4. Capable of adjusting map to optimally match the track
5. Support Track Map rotation in 360 degree of angle
6. Track Map can be disable by setting
7. On-line Updating Track Map database

  Bugs Fix:  
  Fix Drag race crash problem  
QRacing V3.2.3
Release date:
  1. Support import beacon file (bin) from Q6000 device
2. Add Database recovery function

  Bugs Fix:
1. Fix Beacon error issue
2. Fix date sorting issue

QRacing V3.2.2
Release date:
  1. Add Mongolian language interface
2. Improve accuracy of data with Q6000
3. Support open track download and upload 
Bugs Fix:
Fixed program crash when open Preference
QRacing V3.2
Release date:
  1. Support import track map with Google earth KML file
2. Auto-detect and download latest firmware to LT-Q6000
3. Select reference lap in Analysis section
4. Add G-Value in track information display
5. Synchronize track and chart position point
QRacing V3.1
Release date:
  Support LT-Q6000  
QRacing V3.0
Release date:
  1. Support Q1000eX 10Hz
2. Add G-force display and G-value distribution status
3. Support Track view integrating with Brake line and Track rotatable
4. Add Horse power analysis for Drag Race
5. Support screen capture and printing in HTML format
6. Add an average row in Avg/Max/Min Speed View
7. Support grouping track by Race track name
8. Allow to expand the screen for lap playback and graph chart
9. Add a lap ID column in exported CSV file
QRacing V2.1
Release date:
  Bugs Fix:
1. Fix program crash problem
2. Fix program cannot open under Win7 64bits problem
QRacing V2.0
Release date:
  New Features:
1. Support Create Beacon by input reference coordinate
2. Support Screen capture
3. Add G-value display
4. Show different color in speed+Acceleration graph
5. Add Best theoretical time display and Best rolling lap display
6. Add video display
7. Show speed, time and distance in video display
8. Support adding break and accelerate point on the track
9. Add Note column in Comparison
10. New Drag racing analysis table format

QRacing V1.0 Official Release version
Release date:
  Major Features:
1. Single lap analysis
2. Multi-laps comparison
3. Database structure
4. Racing plot chart
5. Multi beacons supported
6. Speed View
7. Replay view of racing track