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Account and Log in
Q1 What should I do after receive the Verification email?
A1 You MUST click the "Verify Now" to active your account. Once Verification is succeeded, return to App to log in.
Q2 I did not receive the Verification email.
A2 On the App, enter your Account (Email) and password to log in. It will appear an unverified account prompt, and click Resend Verification.
Q3 I cannot log in my account in APP.
A3 If you fail to log in and do not get further prompt, on the pop-up window will show the error code with brackets. Please send the error code to Qstarz FAE team.
Q4 Forgot my password.
A4 Click “Forgot Password” on the App’s log in page, then enter your Account (Email) and send out. You will receive a Reset password email and click the hyperlink to reset your password.

Drag Race Function Operation
Q1 How to connect to BL-1000GT device to QRacing APP for my race?
A1 Refer to Information >>MANUAL>>Drag Race to read in detail on how to start recording and timing your race.
Q2 How to export the Video with logging data overlay to SNS?
A2 From “History” Menu, select Drag category. Push the session and slide to left, and click the “Export” icon. Select a single lap you want to export. It might take some time for exporting according to video length and finish the process the video will be saved on the album of your phone memory.
Q3 How to create User-Defined Drag Race setting?
A3 Go to Drag Race >> “+”, and click “+” symbol to enter the User-Defined Drag Race setting page.
Please go to the line timing >> click to add the “+” symbol to enter the custom timing setting page.
Q4 How to delete User-Defined Drag Race setting?
A4 Go to Drag Race >> List >> Speed or Distance. Choose and slide left on the user-defined setting that you are going to delete, and it will appear the delete icon. Click it to delete.
Q5 Why some of Drag settings cannot be deleted?
A5 There are some Qstarz default settings for drag race mode and these settings cannot be deleted. Only the user-defined settings can be deleted.

[Note] The "User Define" symbol shows on the right side.


Circuit Race Function Operation
Q1 How to connect BL-1000GT device to QRacing APP?
A1 Refer to Information >> MANUAL >> Circuit Race to read in detail on how to start recording and timing your race.
Q2 How to update the Qstarz track database?
A2 With Internet connection, the QRacing APP will be updated automatically once you enter the Circuit Race Mode. You can also slide down the list on the Circuit Race >> List page, and the track database will be updated again.
Q3 What kind of information can be shared or exported on QRacing APP?
A3 The QRacing APP can support to share/export the CSV format file. The QRacing APP can also share/export the photo with the best lap time. In addition, the data-overlay video can be exported by lap.

[Note] It might take some time to export the video.

Q4 How to export the Video with logging data overlay to SNS?
A4 From main menu “History”, select “Circuit” category. Slide left on the session and click the Export icon. Select the single lap you want to export and click “ok”. (It might take some time for exporting according to video length.) The processed overlay video will be saved on the album of your smartphone memory.
Q5 How to create User-Defined Track?
A5 Go to Circuit Race >> +, and click“+” symbol to enter the User-Defined Track setting page.
Q6 How to delete User-Defined Track?
A6 Go to Circuit Race >> List >> User Define. Slide left on the user-defined track you would like to delete and click the delete icon. Click on it to complete the delete.
Q7 Why can I edit or delete some tracks, but some cannot?
A7 The official track maps in QRacing APP database cannot be edited or deleted. Only the User-Defined tracks can be edited or deleted. The Qstarz official track maps will always keep up-to-dated, provide the most accurate track information, and it will automatically sync to App.
Q1 How to change my Nickname or photo?
A1 Go to Racer >> Edit,and click Photo icon, Nickname, Gender, or Country to edit.
Q2 How to change the distance unit?
A2 Go to Setting, and click Metric / imperial to change Unit.
Q3 How to update the APP version to the latest?
A3 If there is newer version; App Store/Goolge Play Store will have prompt notification. Like other App updates, on App Store/Google Play Store click Updates. Select QRacing and click Update to complete.
Q4 How do I bind the BL-1000GT to my QRacing APP?
A4 Power on the BL-1000GT and confirm that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is enabled. Go to QRacing APP>>GO>>Connection symbol>> Click the New GPS Device + symbol, and start searching nearby device. Find the binding device and add it to complete the binding.
Q5 Why can't I bind the BL-1000GT to my QRacing APP?
A5 If the BL-1000GT device has been bound by another account, or the phone is currently unable to connect to the internet, BL-1000GT will not be bound or found by Bluetooth connection.
Q6 How to unbind the device from my phone?
A6 Go to Setting>>GPS Device. Slide left on your device ID. Click the delete icon to unbound the device.
Other questions
Q1 What iPhone models do the QRacing APP support?
A1 Please go to the AppStore/Google Play to download and complete the installation of the QRacing App on your Smart Phone (iOS 11.0 or above, iPhone 5S or newer. Android support Android OS 6.0 or above version, we suggest to use Android OS 8.0 or above with 4GB RAM to enjoy better performance).
Q2 What does Auto Sync mean? What does it do?
A2 Auto Sync will automatically backup your session records (do not contain videos) to the cloud space of QWS (Qstarz Web Service). Once you have changed your phone and installed the QRacing App, simply log in to your account and QWS will automatically restore your backup data to your new phone. This feature can be enabled on the setting page of QRacing APP.
Q3 How do I set up a backup via iCloud?
A3 (a) On the iPhone Desktop, press Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> Make sure iCloud Backup is turned on >> Press the top left corner and return to the Desktop.
(b) On the iPhone Desktop, press Settings >> Apple ID >> Manage Storage >> iCloud >> Backup >> Select which phone to back up under this Apple ID >> Turn on QRacing.

[Note] Full synchronization to iCloud requires a lot of space and data transmission volume. Please confirm your iCloud space of Apple ID first. It is recommended to synchronize via WiFi wireless network to avoid the transmission fee.