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Log in
Q1 Verification email is received, what can I do?
A1 Click the "Verify Now", and it will auto open webpage and advise verification status. Once Verification is succeeded, return to App to log in.
Q2 Do not receive Verification email, what can I do?
A2 On the App enter your Account (Email) and password to log in. It will appear an unverified account prompt, and click Resend Verification.
Q3 Fail to log in, what can I do?
A3 If you fail to log in and do not get further prompt, on the pop-up window will show the error code with brackets. Please send the error code to Qstarz team.
Q4 I forgot the password, what can I do?
A4 On the App’s log in page click “Forgot Password”, then enter your Account (Email) and send out. You will receive a Reset password email and click the hyperlink to proceed resetting password.

Function Operation
Q1 How to use BL-1000GT device to record my race tracks?
A1 Refer to Information>>MANUAL>>Drag Race or Circuit Race to read in detail on how to start recording and timing your race.
Q2 How to export the Video with logging data overlay?
A2 From History Menu, select Drag or Circuit category. Slide left on one of session record and click the Export icon. Select a single lap you want to export and you can start exporting video with data overlay. It might take some time for exporting according to video length.

Q1 How to change my Nickname or photo?
A1 Go to Racer >>Edit, and click Photo icon, Nickname, Gender, or Country to do editing accordingly.
Q2 How to change the distance unit?
A2 Go to Setting, and directly click Metric or imperial to change Unit.
Q3 How to update the APP version to the latest?
A3 If there is newer version, App Store will have prompt notification. Like other App updates, on App Store click Updates. Select QRacing and click Update to complete.
Q4 How to unbind the device from my phone?
A4 Go to Setting>>GPS Device. Slide left on your device ID, and it will appear a trash can icon. Click it and confirm the delete. Means you have successfully unbound the device.