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  • Drag Race by Speed, Distance and Time
  • Circuit Race by Practice, Prediction, Race and Challenge
  • Auto global circuit recognition & view circuit thumbnails
  • 10Hz log to record GPS data every 0.1 second
  • 2.4" Color display to indicate lap time difference
  • 4GB memory capacity recording up to 10,000 laps*
  • Long Operation time up to 10 hours
  • Rally Race with Recce to generate Roadbook
  • Visualized GPS logger as a dashboard speedometer
  • Built in GPS Antenna and also external Antenna plug
  • *10,000 laps is based on 2 minutes per lap
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6000S Features

Qstarz 6000S is an innovative and automatic Lap Timer based on GPS technology. It can fit kinds of racing mode such as Drag Race, Circuit Race, Rally Race, or Performance test.

Real-time measure and analyze your racing data every 0.1 second Accurately indicate the way meeting the true performance
Timing your race
Drag Race
  • Measuring every run automatically without pressing any button
  • Drag Race timing by 4 preset Profiles such as Speed, Distance and Time.
  • Suitable for performance test or gear tuning
Circuit Race
  • Compare and analyze lap times, time difference, speed, or G-force.
  • Circuit Race timing by 5 preset Profiles
  • Support to load User track, Shared track or Create new track
Rally Race
  • Recce function of Rally Race can generate your Roadbook
  • Set splits to mark speed, location, angle, danger point, etc.
GPS Logger
  • Visualized GPS logger design commonly as a dash-speedometer
  • Record your trips and alert your speed / driving status.
Innovative and Remarkable functions
Profile menu for faster choosing the racing types
Drag Race
by Speed, Distance, Time or Custom

Circuit Race
• Practice:regular track day practice
• Prediction:predict your lap time and pursuit to break your best lap time
• Race:lap timing on race event
• Challenge:Set your goal time and challenge it
Color display to indicate lap time difference
Green means faster and Red means slower. While racing, you can immediately get lap info and ride your best.
Auto global circuit detection
Beside built-in global circuits in the device, now it is smarter by auto detecting nearby circuits and also viewing the completed circuit thumbnail.
Advanced Predictive lap times  
Real-time predicting the lap/split time difference by graphic bar and pursuit your best lap time.
Calendar typed History  
Easy to access your each record by the calendar typed History. Choose the date you want to look up the record's lap detail. Easy and efficient!
6000S Product Specification
Description 6000S
Display 2.4" Color LCD Display
240x320 px
GPS High Sensitivity GPS
LOG rate 10Hz
Operation Mode Drag Racing
Circuit Racing
Rally Racing
GPS Logger
Button and LED 8 Function buttons
3 LED Indications
3D Accelerometer Yes(Auto Start/G-meter)
Operation time 10 hrs (backlight on)
Memory 4GB (equal to 10,000 Laps)
GPS Antenna Yes (Internal / External MCX jack)
I/O interface Mini USB-Charging/Data download
Water Resistance IPX3
Beeper Yes
Sensors Yes (G-Sensor)
Beeper Yes
Firmware update Yes
Input Power DC 5V, 500mA
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Dimension 100x59x28 mm
Weight (Battery included) 107g
Software QRacing
Standard Accessories USB Cable, Car Charger, mounting bracket, CD, User guide.

*10,000 laps is based on 2 minutes per lap
  • 6000S main unit
  • Mounting Bracket with screw
  • USB Cable
  • 12~24V Car Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Racing Sticker
  • Car or Motorcycle holder (Optional)
  • Protection Case (Optional)
  • External GPS Antenna (Optional)
Optional Accessories
Protective Case Car Holder Motorbike Holder External GPS Antenna
  LT-Q6000 LT-6000S
Hardware Spec
Display 2.4" Color display
GPS 10Hz
3-axis Accelerometer
Battery Life 10 hours (backlight on)
Memory 4GB
Interface Mini USB, for charging, data transmission
Firmware Upgradable
Built-in GPS Antenna
Support External MCX Antenna
Water Resistance IPX-3
Appearance & Finishing Leather black coating /
Red plate
Matte black coating /
Orange plate
Device Features
Main Menu 6 Categories
Drag/Circuit/GPS Logger History/Application/Setting
8 Categories
Drag/Circuit/Rally/GPS Logger History/Application/GPS/Setting
Drag Race Timing
- Quick Access Profiles
- Distance Base Timing
- Acceleration Timing
- Deceleration Timing
- Time Base Timing
- Real time display styles Selectable
- Real time comparison
Circuit Race Timing
- Quick Access Profiles
- Auto Circuit Detection
- Predictive Timing (Visualized Enhancement)
- Challenge Timing
- Real time comparison
Rally Race Recce
- Export Rally Roadbook (By QRacing Software)
GPS Logger (Speedometer Visual Effect)
Auto start timing
Calendar typed History
- Export route on device kml, csv, gpx kml, csv, gpx
- View circuit thumbnails
Start Up Menu Selectable
On Screen Instructing Tips
Function Tip window
Power Saving
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