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Moto GP Project Bike 2013:

Another goal in this project is it to use components which allow the Superbike-Coach Corp to analyze and compare riding skills. This is about the GPS Data Loggers the Superbike-Coach Corp is using with students in their Track Drill program. The QStarz loggers catch interesting facts about the performance of a rider. Superbike-Coach was the first riding school in the U.S. to begin using these tools to coach groups or 1on1 students. Find out why:

“The fastest guys in the world aren’t automatically good coaches- who have to give the student a picture of a performance. That’s everything but easy, but with QStarz loggers we’re having a “pencil” to draw that picture for the student.” Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

A QStarz logger supports 10Hz Log to calculate the position ten times per second which is highly accurate for extreme racing and has a built-in G-sensor to plot G-force distribution and function Auto Start trigger. They are portable, don’t need cables or installation nor complicated calibration procedures. All units are super light weight and best of all they are deliver the same results as other brands but are much more affordable. Superbike-Coach has for all track students one BT-Q1000eX to use for free. Coach Can’s Coaching bike, the MotoGP project bike, is equipped with QStarz product flagship- the LT-Q6000.

Moto GT Project Bike 2013:

YouTube Q6000 Tutorial Video: