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Name: Biggles Racing - Marcus Beagley
Country: New Zealand

Biggles Racing is a professional online web shop in New Zealand. It provides customers diversified racing products with good prices and best customer services. Marcus Beagley is the owner of Biggles Racing and also a very professional super bike
racer who was racing in the 600cc super sport class and gained a New Zealand ranking of 7th at the 2010/2011 NZSBK Championship. He is also currently in the 1st place on Bridgestone Roadrace Series 2012 in New Zealand.

My Experience about Qstarz LT-Q6000

I have been using my QSTARZ LT­Q6000 for a couple of months now on my 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R Super Sports race bike. I have noticed a few features that have really impressed me over this time. To lap faster a racer needs to know a few key points about how they are performing on the track at any given point. Just because you ‘feel’ you are fast in a certain part of a circuit, doesn’t mean you ‘are’ actually fast. The QSTARZ LT­Q6000 software allows you to analyze any 3 laps very easily in a real time playback function, making it simple to see where you are making up time and loosing time. This can actually be an eye opener!


Another feature I liked was the color screen. This made a simple ‘glance’ down while on the track a simple thing to achieve and provided the information you needed! I found I didn’t actually need to see the lap time as I would know if I was on my best lap or not. If I was on my best lap the whole screen color would be green. If I wasn’t, it was Red; simple.
The ‘mount and ride’ simplicity of this unit is fantastic as on race day the last thing you want to be thinking about is setting up gadgets on the bike
or sorting up split points etc.This system can be turned on and away you go…it even knows when you get underway in a race as it has a G force sensor!

Overall, considering the amount of information and data I can collect from such a small, simple unit makes it a must for me every time I am on the track from now on, I would highly recommend this product and have no hesitation in endorsing the QSTARZ LT­Q6000!