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Name: Vincent LEBLOND
Country: France

Nickname : Flyingpanpan
I have the pleasure to drive my GTR for 3 years now. Initially at 485 hp, I've added some parts to reach almost 600 hp...
Known as "flyingpanpan" cause of my job, I'm part of the French Nissan GTR club ( and we use to have meeting on tracks every other month all around western europe. 

My Experience about Qstarz LT-Q6000

I was bored because unable to put my speed on my videos and people had only to trust me when I was telling my speed. Moreover, I was looking for a device that would allow me to compare my sessions and get my lap time instantaneously. 

LT-Q6000 allow me to do all that !!
It is really easy to use. Qracing, the sofware, as well !
When in the car, having my lap/split time instantly is really usefull. Even more with the red/green color scheme... do I have to keep the pedal down or not ?!! loving it !
And at the end of the session, looking for the results more accuratly is really cool to prepare the next one.

When back home, having uploaded my vids, add data is really easy and the result is really cool !
No... really, no need to be a professionnal to enjoy Q6000 !!