LT-8000GT new Firmware v0.03.49/Font v14/Boot v0.0.72 release
Taipei Taiwan 2023/08/10

Qstarz today release LT-8000GT GPS Lap Timer’s new version Firmware v0.03.49/Font v14/Boot v0.0.72. Below please find the detail for this update.

  1. Improve the stability
  2. Support Wi-Fi function in the charging status upon device battery is low
  3. Change the default setting to “Off” on SETTING > Auto Speedometer
  4. Solve Vmax calculation error
Remark: After the update of this version is completed, 106 figure will appear on the first boot; means the update is successful. Then device can be used normally after shutting down and restarting, and it will no longer appear 106 in the future.

Download the latest LT-8000GT Firmware/Font/Boot:

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