Qstarz 25Hz GPS Lap Timer LT-8000GT Rapid Red Edition is debuted NOW!

Taipei, Taiwan, December 08, 2022

Rapid Red Edition New Color Unveiled

Qstarz International Co. Ltd., today unveiled the new color “Rapid Red Edition” of LT-8000GT 25Hz GPS Lap Timer to the market, which is to meet the customer expectation for long. The Rapid Red is stand for the fast, extreme speed, enthusiasm, and passion, the essence of racing. LT-8000GT Rapid Red edition will be available from today, and will offer additional Bonus 2-month extended warranty for initially limited quantity.

LT-8000GT is Qstarz’s the most cutting-edge GPS Lap Timer with the world’s first stand-alone GPS lap timer featuring with 25Hz, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, 3.2”color display and multiple-platform support. Real-time measure diversified drag conditions-speed, distance or Christmas tree, and also analyze laps from global tracks with different purpose of quick menu. Wirelessly syncing data after race to your QRacing account, so you can review/compare/rank results on QRacing multiple platforms such as Mobile App, Web service or PRO PC software. All-In-One.


Here we highlight the features on LT-8000GT:

  1. Stand-alone GPS Lap Timer for motorsport enthusiasts either Drag or Circuits
  2. Extreme 25Hz log to record GNSS data every 0.04 second
  3. 3.2” Color LCD display to view instant results clearly
  4. Drag Race by Speed, Distance, 0-Speed-0, or Christmas tree
  5. Circuit Race by Practice, Prediction, Race , Challenge or Custom
  6. Bluetooth LE 5.0 supports for QRacing iOS/Android App
  7. Support Wi-Fi Wireless download session data and device updates
  8. Long Operation time up to 14 hours
  9. IPX-7 water resistant to conquer diversified environment conditions
  10. Preload Global tracks and auto detection
  11. Flexible mounting options via 2 standard 1/4 inch screw holes
  12. Built in GNSS Antenna and also external Antenna plug
  13. USB Type C charging and faster USB data transferring

25Hz standalone GPS Lap Timer with 2.5x Greater accuracy


Drag Meter and Circuit race in multiple conditions

Integrate the Wireless capability - Bluetooth LE 5.0 and Wi-Fi 2.4G

IPX-7 Water resistance and Mounting flexibility


QRacing Multiple Platforms (APP+Web+PC Analysis)


Price & Availability

The new LT-8000GT GPS Lap Timer Rapid Red Edition will be available in December 08, 2022 at the suggested retail price of US$599 with Vehicle holder kit. We offer 2-Month extended Warranty as Bonus item in a limited quantity and period. Free International Shipping will be the extra benefit if you PLACE ORDER NOW. Limited Quantity, Don’t miss out!


Rapid Red Edition Bonus (Limited Quantity)

2-Month extended Warranty
For more information about GPS Lap Timer LT-8000GT, please go to https://qws.qstarz.com/Official/8000gt/ for more information.

Purchase On-Line: https://qstarz.shoplineapp.com/products/lt-8000gt-rapid-red
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