Qstarz Global Track Map update

Issue date: August 11, 2021


Qstarz Automap is updated on Aug 11, 2021. Users can use QRacing software to auto update latest 6000S Automap, or download from Qstarz website and load the files into 6000S devices.


These updates are adding 35 new Automap.:

NO. Continent
Track ID
File Name
Track Name
1 Europe Cyprus 3124 CYP-ASW Achna Speedway
2 North America USA 3190 USA-THM Thunderhill Raceway Park
(Middle Hill Combined)
3 North America USA 3193 USA-ACO Auto Club Speedway-Oval Course
4 North America USA 3195 USA-ACM Auto Club Speedway-Motorcycle Course
5 North America USA 3196 USA-ACI Auto Club Speedway-Interior Test Circuit
6 North America USA 3197 USA-DRO Dominion Raceway-Oval Track
7 North America USA 3203 USA-DRR Dominion Raceway-Road Course
8 North America USA 3204 USA-GSM GrandSport Speedway-Mako Circuit
9 North America USA 3228 USA-LRP Lime Rock Park
10 North America USA 3229 USA-NCF NCM Motorsports Park-Full Course
11 North America USA 3230 USA-ORP Oregon Raceway Park
12 North America USA 3234 USA-NCB NCM Motorsports Park-Bike Loop
13 North America USA 3236 USA-NCE NCM Motorsports Park-East Circuit
14 North America USA 3238 USA-NCG NCM Motorsports Park-Grand Straight
15 North America USA 3239 USA-NCL NCM Motorsports Park-Le Mans Loop
16 North America USA 3240 USA-NCW NCM Motorsports Park-West Circuit
17 North America USA 3244 USA-PMP Palmer Motorsports Park
18 North America USA 3245 USA-PMPA Palmer Motorsports Park-Anticlockwise
19 North America USA 3246 USA-PIF Pittsburgh International Race
Complex-Full Circuit
20 North America USA 3247 USA-PIR Portland International Raceway
21 North America USA 3248 USA-SPJ Summit Point Motorsports
Park-Jefferson Circuit
22 North America USA 3249 USA-SPM Summit Point Motorsports
Park-Shenandoah Circuit
23 North America USA 3252 USA-AMM Arizona Motorsports Park-Main Track
24 North America USA 3253 USA-AMW Arizona Motorsports Park-West Track
25 North America USA 3261 USA-THO Thompson Speedway (5/8 mile)
26 North America USA 3262 USA-THC Thompson Speedway (1.5 mile)
27 North America USA 3263 USA-THR Thompson Speedway (1.7 mile)
28 North America USA 3264 USA-WHE Wild Horse Pass Motorsports
Park-East Track
29 North America USA 3265 USA-WHW Wild Horse Pass Motorsports
Park-West Track
30 North America USA 3270 USA-VIGE Virginia International
Raceway-Grand East Course
31 North America USA 3271 USA-VIGW Virginia International
Raceway-Grand West Course


North America USA 3272 USA-VIRP Virginia International
Raceway-Patriot Course
33 North America USA 3280 USA-UMCE Utah Motorsports
Campus-East Course
34 North America USA 3281 USA-UMCO Utah Motorsports
Campus-Outer Course
35 North America USA 3282 USA-UMCW Utah Motorsports
Campus-West Course
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