QSTARZ build the exclusive racing social networking platform.
Taiwan Taipei April 14, 2021

What does QRacing application do after racing and ranking on QRacing Web ( https://qws.qstarz.com/ ) ? We received the expectation from racers to develop the brand new racing social media that as functions of Facebook. People can follow racers for the latest update.


The Qstarz QRacing app is a Lap timing analysis application for connecting with Qstarz 10Hz BLE GPS Racing Recorder. It supports video recording and overlaying with logged data. iOS and Android OS are available now!

What is the QRacing App 2.0?
It’s a brand new interface to follow racers status in the vertical direction and keep the horizontal suited for the lap timing function.

What’s new with QRacing App 2.0?
It’s easier to read and follow your favorite racers updated status in your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

How to update the QRacing App 2.0 on your smartphone?
Open your AppStore / Google Play to make sure you are running the latest version of the QRacing App.

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