Qstarz responses the government policy [Taiwan Can Help]

Taipei, Taiwan October 5, 2020


During the spread of Covid-19 around the world, it causes the economic crisis everywhere. All sports games had been postponed or cancelled. Taiwan’s government rapidly implemented the list of action items to protect the public health in the past of few months. Taiwan is willing to contribute the global fight against Covid-19.

At this same time, Qstarz being a member of enterprises in Taiwan, Qstarz also think about how to make the outdoor sports can continue to advance under the virus controlled period. Therefore, Qstarz design the concept of the event that broken the team play from 2020/7/15 to 2020/9/30. As racing player owns the QRacing devices, they can complete the race individual and upload the recorder to cloud software(QRacing Web). Fully abide the policy for keep the best distance in socialize.

The contestants participated the event more than expected and had completed the competition who can join the lucky drawn in the event end. The event had gained the general sponsors in Taiwan as Nankang Rubber tire、PAPAGO、 Taiwan Racing Products Company、 Car part mall importer and Taoyuan of TYKA circuit to join on it. This event was held 4 races within two months and successfully. This activity of final goal expects the outdoor events can be active again. This is a real race in track and ranking in the cloud that responses the policy [Taiwan Can Help] event.

For more information please go to event page: https://qws.qstarz.com/v2/m/docs/2020_Taiwan_Can_Help.php
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