Are you ready to store the race record in cloud!!!
Taipei Taiwan April 9, 2020

Qstarz released QRacing Web that supports QRacing PC of simple back up function in cloud. You can immediately install the QRacing Uploader for free. Otherwise, the history racing record will be displayed by sessions on the QRacing Web. (Remark*)
Once you sign in your account, you will browse all the record in your own device.
QRacing Web is not only have the backup, compare functions but also rank in individual tracks. Let‘s create more fun to beat your racing time in ranking.
Qstarz keep going on the diversity racing services in QRacing software. Welcome the Qstarz users get going and enjoy your race!
*Remark: We recommend using the browser as following: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.


Easy Steps:

  • Register a QRacing Web Account
  • Install QRacing Uploader
  • Select the sessions you would like to upload from QRacing PC
  • Login your QRacing Web account
QRacing PC supports Qstarz BL-1000GT/LT-6000S [GNSS] products:
- BL-1000GT 10Hz GNSS Racing Recorder( Connect to BL-1000GT product website)
- LT-6000S [GNSS]GPS Lap Timers( Connect to LT-6000S [GNSS] product website)
- QRacing Web( Connect to QRacing Web website)

Free Download QU

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