Qstarz Global Track Map update

Issue date: Jan 8, 2020


Qstarz Automap is updated on Jan 8, 2020. Users can use QRacing software to auto update latest 6000S Automap, or download from Qstarz website and load the files into 6000S devices.


This updates are adding 5 new Automap, and modifying 3 exited Automap:

NO. Continent
File Name
Track Name
1 Asia China CHN-YUN Yunnan Trading Xiongfeng International Kart Field
( 雲南交投雄風卡丁車場 )
2 Asia Japan JPN-MKW Motor Land Mikawa
( モーターランド三河 )
3 North America USA USA-THUA Thunderhill Full Raceway Park
4 Europe Slovenia SLO-LRP Lindau Ring Petisovci( Short track )
5 Europe Slovenia SLO-LRPL Lindau Ring Petisovci( Long track )
  • QRacing iOS/Android Application Automap for BL-1000GT device:
  • Turn on QRacing APP and system will auto update Trackmap with internet connection.
  • QRacing PC Software Trackmap:
  • Use QRacing software with internet connection to auto update.
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