Being the Champion. The Racing total solution QstarzGT train and race with you.
Taipei, Taiwan, October 17, 2018

Qstarz International Co. Ltd., has just announced the company’s new generation GPS Lap Timer (10Hz GPS Racing Recorder) – QstarzGT BL-1000GT, integrating the latest Bluetooth 4.0 BLE wireless technology. BL-1000GT is not just a simple Bluetooth 4.0 GPS Racing Recorder, but a Total Racing Solution for motorsport enthusiasts. Qstarz develop an exclusive QRacing lap timing analysis iOS APP to use with BL-1000GT device. Simply go racing with BL-1000GT and QRacing APP on your iPhone, and you can real-time measure and analyze your Drag race or Circuit race activities. Support Video with data overlay function, and you can easily view race result with video overlay on your phone or export to share to your friends.


Featuring Qstarz’s most advanced GNSS with GPS/GLNOASS/QZSS technology and 10Hz recording yet, the new BL-1000GT boasts more hardware features, by adding large memory capacity of Micro SD card, Acceleration sensor, and Bluetooth low energy wireless integration. This innovative total racing solution can fit kinds of racing mode such as Drag Race, Circuit Race, or Performance test. Provide free QRacing iOS APP downloaded from App Store, which can simply go racing with BL-1000GT by wireless connecting to QRacing APP on your iPhone to realize measuring your racing performance at any condition.


Main features on BL-1000GT:

  • Portable Bluetooth 4.0 GNSS Racing Recorder to measure driving performance
  • 10Hz high speed Recording excellent for Car or Motor Racing activities
  • Bluetooth BLE wireless connection to iPhone or Android devices
  • GPS+GLONASS engine and Acceleration sensor enabled for optimizing log
  • Analyze Circuit Lap timing or Drag performance test
  • Support popular Drag testing criteria and Auto detect global circuits
  • Support race analysis, comparison and video with data overlay on the phone via QRacing iOS APP

Timing your race accurately and precisely

QstarzGT combining QRacing APP can support Drag Race and Circuit Race modes to measure your race by analyzing every lap automatically without pressing any button. Drag Race is timing by Speed (0-60km/h, 0-100km/h, 0-160km/h, 100-200km/h, 200-300km/h, 100-0km/h), Distance(100m, 200m, 400m, 1000m), or Custom your own criteria which is suitable for performance test or gear tuning. Circuit Race is timing to compare and analyze lap times, time difference, or speed, etc.
Auto Circuit Detection makes race easy

For Circuit Race, QRacing APP support auto detecting global circuits. While you go to different track circuits, BL-1000GT by connecting with QRacing APP on your iPhone can auto detect nearby circuits and select the track you want to run and go. So easy and efficient! After completing your race, you are capable of viewing detail records and history with graph chart.


Advanced hardware features

Comparing with Qstarz previous Racing recorder BT-Q1000eX, brand new BL-1000GT adds Bluetooth 4.0 BLE for mobile APP, Micro SD card for huge memory capacity, and Acceleration sensor for G-force status. This makes the BL-1000GT a cost-effective racing total solution to have QRacing mobile APP to operate, no worry the multiple-day track days, and can record years of race activities.

Video with Data overlay and share to friends

Using iPhone’s built in camera, QstarzGT total solution can enable phone camera to measure & video-record your drag race or circuit race at the same time. View your race result with video overlay containing map, graph, and video. Support video exporting function, so you can easily share them to your friends.


Powerful QRacing APP + QRacing PC Sofware

Improving your racing performance has never been easier. Beside QRacing APP, BL-1000GT is also packaged with the QRacing PC software. QRacing provides best continuous lap time and best theoretical lap timer, moreover, we allows you to compare three different laps all at once can be a huge help for your race Technique. By replay data, you can clearly see how you turn your corner and make adjustment in the future. Track view integration with Acceleration/Brake line and Track rotatable. QRacing PC version also support auto trackmap, and give you a full experience of your racing efforts and a better understanding of improvements that can be made the next time you are on the track. Support auto updating device firmware, AutoMap, track map and software version by QRacing PC software.

Price & Availability

Qstarz have been in one of the top GPS leading companies with over 10 year experience. QSTARZ announced the new BL-1000GT will be available in late October at the suggested retail price at USD $269 for QstarzGT First Edition and USD $249 for QstarzGT Standard Edition. First Edition will be limited quantity and contain more than US$100 Bonus gift. Start to pre-order QstarzGT now.


QstarzGT First Edition (Limited)

QstarzGT Standard Edition

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