Born to Race. No Limits. QSTARZ GPS Lap Timer 6000S[GNSS] refine your racing!
Taipei, Taiwan, March 21, 2017
Today we are excited to announce GPS Lap Timer LT-6000S [GNSS], a premium version of Qstarz Lap Timer series. 6000S [GNSS] brings you the best of both world’s by combining GPS/GLONASS system together with Japan QZSS system, with more satellites racers can get more precise lap timing. Integrated with auto-detect global circuits and we continue to offer the best operation for users by providing Smart Auto Update via bundled QRacing software. So nice, isn’t it?
6000S[GNSS], the innovative and automatic GPS Lap Timer can fit kinds of racing type such as Drag Race, Circuit Race, Rally Race, or Performance test. Besides 2.4 inch color display and 10Hz GPS technology, the new LT-6000S adds Profile menu on Drag & Circuit Race mode, auto circuit detection, individual Rally racing, and enhance predictive lap timing function.
Support GNSS Satellite system
6000S[GNSS] support GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) with GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS system that means more satellites can be used to increase receiving accuracy and reliability and the probability of obtaining such an accurate position will be greatly enhanced, as sufficient numbers of satellites will be visible in even a restricted view of the sky. The advantage of this many satellites will lead 6000S[GNSS] to highly available, highly accurate lap timing anywhere.
Smart Auto Update
Worry that 6000S updating new function but you don’t know? Bothering that new Automap version being released but you miss it? Thanks our engineer teams hear it. Bundled QRacing software helps you all. 6000S now supports Smart Auto Update via QRacing software. Once open QRacing software with internet connection, it will auto check and update 6000S firmware and AutoMap version. Easy and convenient!
Timing your race accurately and precisely
Support Drag Race, Circuit Race, Rally Race, and GPS logger modes to measure your race. LT-6000S analyze every lap automatically without pressing any button. Preset Profile menu is for racer to faster choosing timing type. Drag Race is timing by 4 Profiles (Speed, Distance, Time, and Custom) which is suitable for performance test or gear tuning. Circuit Race is timing by 5 Profiles (Practice, Prediction, Challenge, Race, and Custom) to compare and analyze lap times, time difference, speed, or G-force, etc. LT-6000S has new individual Rally mode and Recce is our first feature of Rally to help generate your Roadbook. Visualized GPS logger makes this device become your vehicle’s speedometer.
Auto Circuit Detection makes race easy
Color display to indicate lap time difference
Advanced Predictive Lap times
Increase flexibility and reception with built-in/External Antenna 
Friendly user interface, Efficient the operation 
Powerful QRacing Analyzing Software
LT-6000S [GNSS] is packaged with the QRacing software to analyze your racing data. QRacing provides best continuous lap time and best theoretical lap timer, moreover, we allows you to compare three different laps all at once can be a huge help for your race Technique. By replay data, you can clearly see how you turn your corner and make adjustment in the future. Track view integration with Acceleration/Brake line and Track rotatable. In addition to the outstanding racing data analysis feature, QRacing software support AutoUpdate for 6000S firmware, 6000S AutoMap, QRacing software and QRacing TrackMap. Isn’t it so smart? This will give you a full experience of your racing efforts and a better understanding of improvements that can be made the next time you are on the track.
Price & Availability
Qstarz have been in one of the top GPS leading companies with over 10 year experience. QSTARZ announced the new LT-6000S [GNSS] GPS Lap Timer will be available in March at the suggested retail price of USD $549. During LT-6000S [GNSS] new product launch period, External Antenna will be a Bonus item with package.
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