QRacing Track Map update
Issue date: 06-16-2015

Below 18 track maps is added into QRacing data base on June 16, 2015. Users can update your track map of QRacing software and get corresponding track map when go racing on these race circuits.

No. Country Track File Track Name
1 Japan JPN-AUTO Autopolis (オートポリス)
2 Japan JPN-BIHA Bihoku Highland Circuit Course A
3 Japan JPN-BIHB Bihoku Highland Circuit Course B
4 Japan JPN-MSP Motorland SP (モーターランドSP)
5 Japan JPN-NMC Nihonkai Maze Circuit(日本海間瀨サーキット)
6 Japan JPN-NML Nasu Motor Sports Land
7 Japan JPN-NMLC Nasu Motor Sports Land Clockwise
8 Japan JPN-TOMB Tomin Motorland B Course (トミンモーターランド-Bコース)
9 Indonesia INA-SEN Sentul International Circuit
10 Indonesia INA-SENK Sentul Int'l Karting circuit
11 Malaysia MAS-PLUS Speedway Plus Go-Kart Circuit
12 Malaysia MAS-SEPN Sepang International Circuit North
13 Malaysia MAS-SEPS Sepang International Circuit South
14 Malaysia MAS-SHAH Shah Alam Go-kart Circuit
15 UK GBR-BHGP Brands Hatch GP Circuit
16 UK GBR-BRAN Brands Hatch Indv Circuit
17 Argentina ARG-OSC Autodromo Oscar Cabalen
18 New Zealand NZL-PUKE Pukekohe Park Raceway
Clicking QRacing Help -> Update TrackMap.
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