Qstarz sponsor Losail Asian Road Racing Series (LARRS) 2012
Taipei Taiwan, June 15, 2012

Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), which is the Affiliated Federation of FIM Asia, held the Losail Asian Road Racing Series (LARRS) 2011/2012 and took place at Losail International Circuit in Qatar for this racing series.

May 11 and May 12 of 2012 is the Round 4 of the LARRS. Qstarz International sponsors the exclusive Taiwan team with team leader Hsu Wei-Kuo, rider Li Bo Shiun, and rider Wen Ying Hau. It’s so proud that Wen Ying Hau won the Number 6th on Unified Specification Race 600c.c. and total score with the number 15th.

Taiwan team leader Hsu Wei Kuo said that adopting Qstarz LT-Q6000 GPS Lap Timer Color can help racers to understand the circuit information very fast and analyze how to adjust riding to have better performance before racing. The most importance is this analysis data can take as reference data for next Taiwan team.
Losail International Circuit track data download: http://racing.qstarz.com/Share.html
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