Qstarz Q6000 GPS Lap Timer Color distributing to Autolife chain store channel in Taiwan
Taipei Taiwan, April 10, 2012

QSTARZ indicates that year 2012 can treat as brand-new start era for Taiwan car racing market after the people’s continuous investment on time, money, efforts, and the big progress on hardware facility. With the scale expansion on car racing market, we are proud that the Qstarz GPS Lap timer Q6000 sales volume also keeps blooming. To provide better service for our customers, QSTARZ here announced that we will cooperate with“Autolife”automobile chain store retailer in Taiwan. Starting from today on April 10, 2012, you can find and purchase the Qstarz GPS Lap Timer Color Q6000 in every store of“Autolife”automobile chain store channel.

About New Focus (Autolife)
“Autolife” is the biggest automobile chain store retailing channel in Taiwan and currently has 21 stores around Taiwan. The New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd. firstly went on public in the Hong Kong exchange market with Stock no. HK360 in 2005. Then it published TDR in Taiwan by name of“New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd.”『 Stock No. 9106』 New Focus is one of Taiwan’s Top 5000. They have two main core business. One is NFA, and the other is “Autolife” fast repairing service. Especially “Autolife” is also the biggest automobile chain store retailers in Mainland China with over 300 stores nationwide which can provide vehicle simple repairing and maintenance service. In Taiwan Autolife’s mainly serve customers automobile cosmetology and modification.

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